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Las Vegas, NV 89115

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Restaurant plumbing supplies and commercial plumbing supplies.
Keep that Swamp cooler running efficiently and save money! We have new units & parts.

Pest Control

Do it yourself pest control! We have the good stuff to get rid of pests around the house.

Bed Bugs are the most unwanted guests you could ever have. They spread quickly and they are tough to get rid of. Pest control companies charge in the thousands of dollars to kill bed bugs. We carry the stongest bed bug killer on the market and it is safe for your home, family and pets.

Bed Bug Killer

Harris Diatomeceous Earth Bed Bug Killer

Roach Killer

Harris one gallon roach killer

Roach Killer

Harris spray roach killer

Scorpion Killer

Harris Scorpion killer


pigeon spikes

Pigeon Spikes

Bird-B-Gone Stainless
pigeon spikes plastic

Pigeon Spikes

Bird-B-Gone plastic pigeon spikes
pigeon foot tangle deterrent

Pigeon Repel

Tanglefoot pigeon repellent paste
live animal trap

Animal Trap

Havaheart Live animal trap

Specialty items;

Can-crushers, bed bug treatment,chrome bolts, main line sewer parts, commercial plumbing supplies,evaporative cooler supplies (swamp cooler),mobile home supplies, specialty toilet parts, concrete boots.

"Should have came here first!"

We hear this a lot... "should have came here first." It's true - you should come here first. We have real expert help, an extensive inventory and affordable prices.

Specialty Plumbing;

We carry a wide variety of hard to find plumbing parts. Plumbing stems, tub/shower cartridges, brass fittings, copper fittings, etc..

Hard to find plumbing supplies in Las Vegas located at Meads Hardware.

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